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Interview with Borja Alberto Pérez

Deputy Hotel Manager Specialising in Food & Beverages \ born in 1991 in Bilbao, the Basque Country \ living in the Black Forest Highlands since 2015  

Mr Pérez, what was it that convinced you to move to the Black Forest Highlands?

I finished my chef’s training in Bilbao in 2013 and after that studied Restaurant and Hotel Management in Bilbao. Then in 2015 I did a master’s degree in Hotel Management in Madrid and from there went straight to the Canary Islands for my first job. But for a long time, I wanted to go somewhere completely different, to see different landscapes, experience a different mentality and also have my own little “adventure” and discover new ground for myself. So, I spontaneously decided to come to the Black Forest because I like the mountains and the winter here. I’ve been here ever since! And I’ve been the Deputy Hotel Manager at the Boutique-Hotel Alemannenhof since 2016.

What do you think the best feature of the Alemannenhof is?

Obviously, it has to be the location right on Lake Titisee. The village of Titisee is actually very lively and a lot of people come to visit, but you can always find an oasis of calm in the Alemannenhof. Perhaps this has something to do with the history of the hotel itself; the entire hotel was designed with old Black Forest architecture in mind, but still has a modern touch too. I really love this interplay between tradition, comfort and modernity.

I also enjoy being part of our team, we really are like a big family and of course the guests can feel that too.

Which qualities do you think make a good host?

You have to be able to take a look at a guest and know what they need or want. Having an individual and personal approach towards the guests as well as good communication with them is very important, but a little intuition and of course willingness to always be there for your guests goes a long way too.

What do you pay attention to when you stay at a hotel?

I always stay at places that are in a nice location, or where the hotel has beautiful architecture. Obviously, it’s important that the hotel is clean and well-structured, and the guests also notice when the hotel employees all work together harmoniously.

Tell us about your favourite room at the Boutique-Hotel Alemannenhof?

That’d be Room 215 which has a balcony and a lake view. It’s the hotel’s largest room and has an outstanding view of Lake Titisee.

Have you ever had an encounter with a guest that you’ll never forget?

There are some guests who come back to us again and again so after a while you develop a personal connection with them, which is nice for the guest but also for us as we enjoy looking after them. We had one guest who could tell a great story, even trivial things became exciting, funny or entertaining because of the way he would talk about them. Every time he came, I was looking forward hearing all about his new adventures. We were always in stitches!


What do you like to do in the Black Forest Highlands to relax when you have some free time?

The beauty of the Black Forest Highlands is that there is something to do at any time of the year. I like to take walks to Raimartihof and have a snack there. Feldsee lake is not too far away either; it’s a great place to relax. During winter I like to go skiing on the Feldberg.