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Monthly Offer

Sauna & Swimming Pool 

On the one hand you could be like Father Kneipp (a Bavarian priest and one of the founders of the naturopathic medicine movement) and simply use the Titisee beach for bathing. For our part, with all due respect to Father Kneipp, it would be a rather meagre offering for a hotel that is completely committed to your well being and rest and relaxation. Make better use (in winter) and additional use (in summer) of our on-site sauna and swimming pool. Feel the pleasant relaxation when the warmth spreads through your whole body and let the water gently wash over you and rinse away the hardships of everyday life. Perhaps this could also be the preparation for your very own wellness treatment...?

Save the best for last: An extensive nap on our terrace or in our relaxation room. Then the energy that we all need to complete our everyday tasks will return.