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Eating & Enjoying

Free range chicken, cows allowed to roam in meadows, trout from clear Black Forest waters! Do you expect a little more? Good! You will find better quality, more enjoyment and more authenticity on the menu at the Alemannenhof, one of the best restaurants in the Black Forest. Cooking is an art! But the artwork will come to nothing, if the basis isn't right. Therefore, in the kitchen of our restaurant on Lake Titisee we only work with the best ingredients in their best condition: fresh, local, carefully treated and lovingly chosen.

We have the safest hand in the kitchen – We buy the highest quality products

If a chef is a good shopper the food will sparkle when the plates leave the kitchen. Eat and enjoy meat specialities with us, where we have looked outside the box when shopping for ingredients: Cutlets of Duroc-pork or Hereford sirloin steak matured on the bone.

Of course vegetarians and lactose intolerant guests are also spoiled by the chef. The perfect addition to our menu comes from our carefully stocked wine cellar.