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Historic Hebelstube

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe admired him, Gottfried Keller too, and even the Russian author Leo Tolstoi: Johann Peter Hebel. Of course we admire our favourite Alamannic dialect poet no less and therefore named our historic lounge "Hebelstube" after him. We rescued an original Black Forest lounge from impending oblivion, where you can sit down comfortably today. Perhaps you could have a traditional Alemannenhof snack ‚Äď or garnish your afternoon with regional delicacies from our bakery....?

At this point we will let the poet speak for himself:

‚ÄěNe Trunk in Ehre,
Wer will¬īs verwehre?
Trinkt¬īsBluŐąemlinit si Morgentau?
Trinkt nit der Vogt sySchöppli au?
Am Werchtighemmergschafft;
Drum bringt der Rebsaft
Am SunntigneuiChraft.

From the book "Alemannic Poems"
by Johann Peter Hebel (1760 ‚Äď 1826)