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What a location right on Lake Titisee! Surrounded by the legendary Black Forest - the ideal location for a private home! The shabby, dilapidated terrace cafe needs to be torn down anyway.... With due respect to personal wishes – there are some things that cannot belong to one person alone. Where the Hotel Alemannenhof stands today is the place where the Drubba family decided should not be a private home. Instead it should be shared with as many people as possible! So they built a hotel...

Model of the Alemannenhof: The old Black Forest house

The Drubba family built not only a hotel of high comfort. The Alemannenhof was also the result of local craftsmanship of the area. The book "Das alte malerische Schwarzwaldhaus" by Richard Schilling served as a guide to the building of the hotel. While one can accuse the Black Forest people of being cautious at times, work began on 15th March 1982 and developers, architects and builders celebrated the official opening just over a year later on 25th March 1983.

With the studios at Bühlhof, the Alemannenhof has experienced its perfect complement. Guests who appreciate large spaces and favor seclusion will find what they are looking for here. In 2008, the Alemannenhof Hotel Apartments were also built, which have been welcoming guests as an independent hotel since summer 2020. The new NATURE TITISEE – EASY • LIFE • HOTEL, with its apartments and double rooms with lake view, offers space for all those who are looking for a stylish and relaxed base camp for excursions into nature. 

And because a hotel is filled with life, it has to be kept alive. Between 2010 and 2012 the Hotel Alemannenhof was extensively renovated in three construction phases. All guest rooms were upgraded, the lobby expanded, the reception area re-designed and a bar was built, along with a fantastic outdoor terrace. We know that we must honour the old foundations, therefore the renovations ranged from Black Forest traditions all the way to a more modern ambience, always showing a commitment to our heritage. One of our most exciting tasks is to bring the hotel in line with contemporary aesthetics and urban chic for our guests from around the world to enjoy! This is also what we kept in mind when we renovated our apartments and studios.