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Combine art, pleasure, nature and aspiration!

The Black Forest has its own characteristics here at the top of Lake Titisee. Its unique environment can be rugged which is not always a pleasure for everyone. Despite this, here at the boutique Hotel Alemannenhof we have made it our task to combine nature and pleasure ‚Äď and all this without losing sight of the requirements of our guests. This perhaps comes from being a host and knowing how much of the rugged Black Forest is suitable for our guests to explore.

Individuality, service, style and comfort: these are our objectives

To succeed, we are committed to a high level of individuality, place personal service above all else, remain true to a carefully selected style and guarantee good comfort and technology. We do all this whilst still managing to achieve the Alemannic spirit; combining nature and pleasure!

Here you will find Black Forest cosiness without having to compromise on comfort and class. A converted tiled stove from an old farmhouse gave our "Ofenstube" its name and 200 year furnishings make up the charm of our "Hebelstube" ‚Äď named after the Black Forest dialect-poet Johan Peter Hebel.

Discover Alemannenhof philosophy for yourself and because it combines tradition with the modern you can be assured there is always something new to discover!

Sustainability and Respect       

We love the Black Forest Highlands and appreciate with our guests this wonderful landscape and nature. Sustainability is an issue for us. The Boutique-Hotel Alemannenhof  is classified from TourCert as a responsible tourist destination an as a sustainable destination.