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Interview with Sarah Hermann

Reservations Manager at Alemannenhof \ born in the Black Forest Highlands in 1993

After undergoing her training as a hotel clerk in the Alemannenhof, she took over the reservation management in November 2016.

Ms Herrmann, what does your job entail?

I absolutely love getting to welcome guests of all backgrounds here and to respond to their individual needs.

What’s particularly unique about this job is coming to work every day and not knowing what’s going to happen. Every day has its own surprises and it’s great to be able to experience something new every day.

What do you think is particularly important to keep in mind when dealing with guests?

A good host should try to fulfil any wishes the guests may have, even if they haven’t expressed them out loud. You should be able to look at the guests and be able to tell if they need something or if there’s anything you can do for them. What’s most important to me is to always be honest. You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. We all make mistakes and can’t do everything, there’s some things we simply can’t make possible and then we have to say that.

My goal is that every guest who leaves this place takes the “Alemannenhof feeling” with them. That is that they’re happy, have had a nice stay and want to come back again.

What do you think makes the Alemannenhof special?

It’s obvious – the location on Lake Titisee. It’s quiet here, we have the lake right in front of us and there are no direct neighbours, which gives this place an unbelievable sense of calmness by the lake. I also think it’s great that we have many different types of rooms on offer. We’re not specialised but have a little bit of everything; it doesn’t matter if you come with your family, travel as a couple or want to enjoy a weekend full of adventure. We offer each individual guest what they are looking for and what suits them individually.

Do you have a favourite package that’s offered at Alemannenhof?

In my opinion, the “Alemannenhof Special” offers the perfect combination of everything – it’s a culinary, wellness and pampering programme, where you can choose what suits you best from the 3 wellness modules.

Do you have an insider’s tip that you recommend to guests for the perfect day on holiday?

My insider’s tip is to (regretfully) start off by skipping breakfast at the Alemannenhof to experience the sunrise on a spring morning on the Feldberg. I did this myself once as part of the “Blosmusik Feschtival”. We went up the Feldberg with 400 musicians at 4 o’clock in the morning and played the “Badnerlied”, otherwise known as The Song of the People of Baden. It was incredible, it was pitch black when we arrived and 20 minutes later, we were standing in the bright morning sun, it was truly a fantastic experience. Since you have to get up really early to see the sunrise, it’s better to have breakfast in the Alemannenhof afterwards.